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Conservative Hairline Recreation in a Young Adult Male

History: This 23-year-old male presents with complaints of hair loss involving the frontal hairline. He has become particularly concerned about the recession that has occurred bilaterally. His family history is unhelpful for predicting future loss, as he is adopted. He is concerned about future losses as well as improving his current appearance. Physical Examination:  This… Read More »

FUT Hair Transplant Case Study – 1849 Grafts at 9 Month Follow Up

  History: This patient is a pleasant 29 year old male who experienced thinning of his fronto-temporal hairline since the age of 20. He is generally very healthy, with no medical history or previous surgeries. He has become progressively more and more pre-occupied with his hair loss as it has affected his self-esteem, limiting his… Read More »

Patient Case Study 1594 Follicular Units

This patient is a 36 year old male with loss of definition of the frontal hairline as well as frontal forelock density. Our plan was to recreate a delicate, healthy appearing hairline that will stand the test of time as he continues to lose subsequent hair due to MPHL. His FU grafts were harvested by… Read More »

Patient Case Study – 3500 Grafts

The patient above had two FUT strip harvest hair transplant sessions totaling 3511 grafts. He had 1437 follicular unit grafts and 2074 double follicular unit grafts. Results such as this can occur only with multiple sessions. The major reason for this is that grafts can only be placed within a certain proximity to the adjacent grafts… Read More »

Case Study – 1447 Grafts – One Session

This patient presented with loss of his frontal hair line and bilateral recessions (Norwood Class III Hair Loss). We transplanted 1477 total FU grafts, which is shown here in the last photos in this series at 18 months following his procedure. Post operative photos from post op day 1 are shown as well. As can… Read More »

3610 Total FU grafts; 1Yr Post Op Result

This patient is a 32 YO male who experienced loss of definition of the frontal hairline which is consistent with his fathers pattern. There is no family history nor clinical evidence in this patient of crown thinning. Two procedures of 1601 FU grafts and 1609 FU grafts were performed a year apart, to obtain the… Read More »

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