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At La Jolla Hair Restoration, hair-transplantation expert Dr. Timothy Carman performs masterful hairline design in La Jolla to suit your face. The creation of a hairline is not a simple matter of drawing something that looks “even on both sides”. In fact, it is just the opposite. The human face is anything but symmetrical.

Asymmetry creates facial characters. The recognition and respect of facial character in recreating a natural-appearing hairline is an artistic skill that is present (or not), in the talent skillset of your hair transplant surgeon. It represents the presence of an artistic sensibility, a way of “seeing”, that is unique to a true artist. Dr. Carman naturally applies his unique talent as a visual artist to each and every surgical design, all of which are created to preserve your unique facial character that will age with you and stand the test of time.

Hairline Design Example  La Jolla and San Diego
Hairline Design Example 2  La Jolla and San Diego

What Is Hairline Design?

Hairline design is about creating a more natural outcome for your hair-transplantation surgery. The procedure’s success depends not only on giving you maximum coverage but also on how natural it looks. Advancements in the field have helped hair-transplant surgeons more efficiently provide clients with natural hairline results.

Hairline design involves personalized customization. Your age, facial dimensions and features, potential hair loss, and the amount of available donor hair will all be considered during hairline design. These factors will determine what design the surgeon will develop. It is not intended to look perfect, because natural hairlines have natural flaws.

Ideal Candidates for Hairline Design

Patients with receding hairlines are ideal candidates for hairline design treatment. Patients who are unhappy with their hairline for other reasons—for example, patients with congenitally “high” foreheads—are also excellent candidates. Hairline design is appropriate for patients whose hairlines leave the patient wanting to improve their facial aesthetics.

Your Consultation

You can disclose your hairline concerns and goals to Dr. Carman, who will personally conduct your consultation. He will examine the condition of your hairline as well as your entire scalp, including your donor area. Your medical records will be evaluated, including past hair cosmetic treatments. Dr. Carman will recommend a personalized hairline design specifically tailored to your unique physical characteristics.

Dr. Carman will explain each detail, including the surgical treatment session, recovery period, and when you can expect to see the full results. In addition, the cost of the surgery will also be disclosed. Dr. Carman will answer all of your questions during the consultation.

Hairline Design Treatment Session

The duration of the hairline design surgical session typically will take all day. Hairline design is the most critical part of the hair-transplantation procedure. The procedure will not follow a strong line but instead will follow a softened zone that looks like the natural irregular contour of a real hairline.

Recovery Process

It will be necessary to take a few days off from work to help your transplanted hair recover effectively after your procedure. This will also lessen the impact that the elements can have on the hair.

The patient can go back to modified normal activities after surgery. Typically, this would be limited the first week to keeping physical activity to a minimum and avoiding extremes of temperature. Aftercare instructions will be provided to optimize the results of the hairline design. Follow-up surgery will be needed as the patient experiences ongoing male or female pattern hair loss in the future.

How Much Does Hairline Design Cost?

The typical hair transplantation surgery has an average cost of $10,000-$14,000 nationally. Dr. Carman’s fees can be found elsewhere on this site. You can get the estimated price of the procedure during your consultation.

“No one can tell I had anything done!”

What a wonderful feeling it is. My hairline looks so natural that virtually no one could tell that restoration was performed. The hair is filling in at the anterolateral areas and it is fun to wake up each morning and see the progress. That thinned area at the crown is likewise filling in beautifully and I doubt that I will ever worry about getting my scalp sunburned again!

– C.N.

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