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Surgery as an Art Form


For us at La Jolla Hair Restoration there is but one satisfying description for a truly successful hair transplant procedure: 'The Artful Expression of Modern Surgical Technique'. Hence, your surgeon must be artistically talented as well as medically qualified. This is what differentiates one transplant surgeon from another. Our promise is to provide you with a level of artistry uncommon in the hair transplant profession.

We are not about the obvious. The true artistry of a transplant procedure is to make it virtually undetectable… to avoid being obvious. In our practice setting, Dr. Timothy Carman will deftly create your hair transplant as an organically designed work of art that will stand the test of time. Talent and experience make the difference: talent as an artist, along with sound surgical experience focused on hair restoration exclusively.

We maintain that artistic focus, individually tailoring it for one patient, one procedure per day. The focus on one patient per day avoids any possible compromise to the integrity of the procedure, a phenomena which may occur in “assembly line” practice settings.

Focused Exclusively on Hair Transplant Surgery

Every patient deserves the time and care required to make his/her hair transplant as natural as possible. As you will come to understand, the critical difference between hair transplant surgeons is not only their proficiency and experience, but also how they work with patients.

Prior to performing any transplant, a thorough final plan must be created. Each individual is unique. Therefore, the consultation process is of critical importance in the artistry of the procedure, and this step is conducted by Dr Carman personally.

Attention to Detail

Initially we concentrate on the general hair pattern and hair graft type and distribution that is most appropriate to the individual’s scalp, age and hair characteristics. How deep should the zone of feathered hairline be? How much variation in density is attainable and desired? How and where should lateral slit incisions be used? Every session is carefully planned. And for the magnitude of the effect that a successful hair transplant will have on your self-image and quality of life, it cannot be overstated that this planning must begin at the time of initial consult, by your surgeon, prior to the day of surgery. The goal is to roll back the balding process… to recreate a natural appearing hairline and achieve a fuller appearance. Undergoing a successful hair transplant surgery will be one of the most satisfying decisions you will make in your life.

Looking for answers to your Hair Loss?

Schedule a personal consultation with Timothy Carman, MD ABHRS, a Certified Diplomate of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery, the only Board Certification for Hair Transplant Surgeons Worldwide.

Professional Commitment to Our Patients

FELLOWTimothy Carman, M.D., Medical Director of La Jolla Hair Restoration views his surgeries as individualized works of sculpture. The reality is that no two hair transplants are exactly alike. Dr Carman believes that, from the patient’s perspective, the only requirement, or the only acceptable outcome, is that the result must appear NATURAL. For this reason he creates designs that mimic nature’s own pattern of folliclular arrangement. Hair naturally grows in clusters of one to four follicles. Therefore, transplanted grafts are arranged as they occur naturally; in a mixed array of one to four hair follicular units- one graft at a time. The flowing variation of direction and density recreates the organic pattern underlying natural hair growth patterns.

IAs a result, and as an additional feature that distinguishes us is that we do not try to make one design approach fit all people. Different hair characteristics and different patterns of hair loss are best managed by arranging a variety of hair graft sizes and densities, as well as customizing the overall long-term surgical plan and design to address the unique needs of each patient. As a potential patient, Dr. Carman suggests your goal should be to find an experienced surgeon who will take the time and effort to create the most appropriate, natural looking hair transplant possible for you. You should feel your surgeon is thoroughly committed to you individually in the traditional manner of the time-honored doctor-patient relationship.

Surgeons Who Are Trusted Educators in their Field

You can be assured that both Dr. Carman and Dr. Reed strive to stay at the leading edge of technological development and education in hair transplantation.

ABHRSDr Carman sits on The Oral examination Committee of The American Board of Hair Restoration,and is Chairman of the Recertification Exam Committee, overseeing the written exam taken by qualified candidates. He also shares his experience as a ISHRS Faculty Member instructing physicians seeking surgical training at the Advanced Board Review Course given at the ISHRS’s Annual Meeting. In addition, he is proud to serve on the Editorial Board of The International Society’s Hair Transplant Forum, the leading peer-reviewed journal in Hair Restoration Surgery. He has spoken Internationally to Hair Transplant Surgeons from around the world. Most recently, in 2017, Dr Carman was invited to present “The Art of Hair Restoration” at the 10th World Conference for Hair Research’s Annual meeting held in Kyoto, Japan. He was also honored as well to present as a faculty member at the 2017 ISHRS annual meeting held in Prague, Czech Republic.

Dr. Carman has made presentations at the International Society’s of Hair Restoration Surgery’s annual meeting since 2009. He has also authored a chapter in the 2018 edition of the definitive text for hair restoration, Hair Transplantation; Walter Unger, Ronald Shapiro, editors.

Dr. Carman is currently studying ongoing research projects examining the underlying biology of the hair follicle growth cycle, in hopes that this will contribute to a more complete understanding of issues involving the relationship between graft size selection, graft survival rates, and a healthy, natural looking post-transplant result. Dr. Carman’s participation and interest in producing further refinements and in objectifying the methods of hair restoration have received peer recognition.

We hope that you will see the value offered by Dr. Carman and Dr. Reed and La Jolla Hair Restoration: state of the art surgical techniques; artistry combined with experience; exceptional individual attention before, during and after your procedure; and competitive prices even considering the cost of travel from many parts of the country and abroad.

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