Why Should I Consider a Hair Transplant?

Thinning hair, or balding. It’s a dilemma that both men and women have been facing for centuries. The question remains, why do some people retain most of their hair, even through old age, while others begin to lose it while still in their youth?

We can either look at hair loss as a part of life, and accept the aesthetic and emotional changes that will occur with it, or we can decide to be proactive and do something about it.

Hair loss can be a frustrating and helpless feeling, particularly for the younger man who may feel that nature has cheated him of his better looking years. Others are just plain annoyed with what they see going on, and choose to do something about it; not necessarily to look younger per se, but just to look  healthier, to look their best.

Hair Transplant in la jolla

Hair transplants are about changing perceptions- yours as well as others. The ultimate purpose is to enhance the quality of your life, in both your personal and your professional pursuits. Our objective for all transplants remains the same: recreate a natural head of hair which stands the test of time. A successful transplant will endure the rigors of both sports as well as the simple activities of normal daily life, whether it be running errands on a windy day, riding in a convertible, dancing, swimming, etc…

Recently, a patient had this to say about his hair transplant:

“Let’s face it; hair loss is associated with an uneasy feeling. I look around and notice issues that people justifiably have to feel uneasy about, and I’m thankful that one of mine was only hair loss!  Ultimately, it was one issue that a planned investment corrected with absolute satisfaction! When I realized I could do something that was positively proactive it became a “no-brainer” to proceed with the hair transplant procedure. I now know that a hair restoration procedure can make a huge difference in one’s quality of life. I can tell the difference in my “dating behavior” since my hair has grown in, as I am much more comfortable with my appearance, and that comes across in my interactions with others.”

What’s keeping you from proceeding with hair transplantation? Contact us and we can help you address your specific concerns. Enjoy browsing our website to gain additional information. With the advances in Follicular Unit Transplantation over the last two decades, the creation of a long-lasting, natural-appearing head of hair is completely achievable in the hands of an artistically inclined, experienced surgeon. Given this possibility, your solution to hair loss becomes a “no-brainer” -an easy decision to follow if you’re annoyed with the feelings generated by your ongoing hair loss.

There is a solution, and it is possible for you to have that experience too!

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