Hair Transplant Costs

Prosper HealthCare LendingAt La Jolla Hair Restoration in San Diego we are very aware that elective surgery also involve elective costs that can be significant for many individuals.  We strive to make hair restoration both a great investment in your appearance and as affordable as possible. During your consultation visit, Dr. Carman and our staff will review what surgery options are available for you to achieve your cosmetic goals. We will also provide you with payment options including credit cards and patient financing.

The following is our basic fee structure:
Follicular Unit Transplantation: Ellipse Excision

The first 1200 FU Grafts are $8600;

Additional grafts are $3 each;

Example: 1800 FU Graft Case: $8600 + $1800 ($3 x 600 FU additional) = $10,400

Follicular Unit Transplantation: FUE Excision

The increased labor intensive nature of this method of extraction is reflected in a higher overall fee, as compared with traditional Ellipse excision.

Eyebrow Reconstruction

$2500 Each

Beard/Facial Hair Transplantation

Fee assessed on an individual basis.

Scar Excision/Repair and Reconstructive Cases

Including scars from trauma, previous Plastic/Reconstructive Surgery, and previous Hair Transplant Surgery cases. Fee assessed on an individual basis.

There is a 5% discount for being willing to go on a Standby basis should your flexibility allow that.

There is a 2% discount for cash or a cashier’s check.

** Please note that significantly smaller cases may have lower fees.

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