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Of course, perceived value is what ultimately contributes to forming your decision about which transplant practice will work for you in developing your hair restoration plan. Value is the combination of quality and price. Quality, when referring to a surgical procedure, to us does not just infer the obvious quality in artistic design and execution, it also relates to the preservation of integrity within the doctor patient relationship. La Jolla Hair Restoration is a Medical Practice first and foremost. As our patient, you are establishing a relationship with your surgeon, a privilege we do not take lightly. Every step of your decision and design-making process is committed in concert with your surgeon.

Under the direction of Dr Timothy Carman, we are confident that La Jolla Hair Restoration Medical Center® offers World Class Value with leading edge hair transplant technologies at the most competitive pricing.

La Jolla is Spanish for The Jewel. Come to San Diego; stay in La Jolla, and confirm that in fact you have found “The Jewel” of solutions for your hair loss needs: La Jolla Hair Restoration Medical Center®.

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