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Original artwork by Dr. Timothy Carman

Original artwork by Dr. Timothy Carman

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To assess quality, there are critical features one should look for that indicate, at the very least, that the standard of care level is met at your chosen transplant practice. Be especially mindful of the following. Did you initially meet with your surgeon (not a representative, but your surgeon) to discuss your individual surgical plan prior to the day of surgery? Did this discussion look a few as well as twenty to thirty years ahead? On the day of your procedure, did your surgeon take the time to ensure your expectations were in order regarding your restoration plan as it was discussed in your initial consult? Was the hairline meticulously designed, taking into account your bone structure, hair characteristics, skin type, propensity for future loss, and your personal aesthetic goals? If not, you may be at risk for a poor result.

Ultimately, the successful outcome of any hair transplant procedure rests squarely on the experience, judgment, and artistic surgical skills of the physician performing the procedure, in concert with his or her surgical assistants. As with any surgical procedure, and especially an elective one, patients should seek out practices which have an established track record of experience, devoted solely to the procedure of interest. Dr. Carman cautions that patients should be especially wary of practices that are recently built around a given “new” technology or methodology. The successful surgeon will be accomplished and comfortable utilizing any and all indicated tools or techniques at the appropriate time. Also, it is critically important that patients assess the perceived level of integrity exhibited by their surgeon in describing his or her experience in utilizing any and all tools available for this procedure. A critical understanding of the benefits and risks of available resources should be apparent as the surgeon explains them to you personally in the consultation.

Most importantly today, it is vitally important that patients are not seduced by marketing and/or sales strategies that emphasize a so-called “advanced technology” or method while ignoring the basic principles of traditional surgical care. Patients should be particularly wary of practice settings that prey on a patients normal anxiety regarding the surgical procedure by offering “simple” or “less invasive” alternatives which promise superior results over traditional surgical techniques- especially when those long-established techniques are characterized as “old” or “outdated”.

At La Jolla Hair Restoration, Dr Carman offers his patients the benefit of his extensive training in Trauma, Plastic, and Reconstructive Surgery. As their surgeon he has the luxury of choosing from a wide variety of tools and methods at all stages of the hair transplant procedure. Combined with his unique talents as an artist, Dr Carman and his staff offer patients unparalleled excellence in creating long lasting natural results.

Dr. Carman performs only one case per day. “Having our team focus on one patient, and one patient only, is essential for consistently providing the highest quality results. It is that high standard that I would want for myself or my family, and I feel that this is a crucial element patients should consider in deciding which transplant practice they choose for their procedure”.

Patient support in the post-operative year is critical. Patients are encouraged to visit at three month intervals to assess progress and answer ongoing questions or issues. Our number one goal is to increase the quality of our patients lives by creating natural results, and there is no greater honor than to share the great feelings experienced by our patients as the results unfold! 

Dr. Carman serves on the Editorial Board of the ISHRS Journal, the most widely respected peer-reviewed journal in Hair Restoration Surgery. He also continues to serve on the faculty of the ISHRS Basic and Advanced Training Course, which is responsible for the training of new physicians on an ongoing basis. He has presented both nationally and internationally on the Art and Science of the Hair Restoration procedure. He also sits on the Oral Examination Committee of The American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS) and also serves as the Chairman of Recertification Exam Committee, authoring the content of the yearly offered Board Examination of the ABHRS.

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