Facial Hair Restoration

Eyebrow Hair Transplantation in la jollaEyebrow Hair Transplantation

If hair is the frame of your face than eyebrows are the frame to your eyes. The loss or lack of definition of eyebrows can result from a variety of conditions, including over-plucking, aggressive waxing, or simply thin due to genetic inheritance. Recreation of these critical features can result in improved self-image and facial character.

Dr. Carman will select the hair from the back of your scalp that bests matches your eyebrow hair and then uses single hair grafts properly angled to recreate the natural growth pattern.

Beards and MoustachesBeards and Moustaches

Beard and moustache transplantation is a refined form of hair transplantation wherein single hair follicles are dissected from the donor strip and are placed in small (.7 mm) incisions to create fuller growth within a preexisting facial hair pattern. It is also common to create entirely new facial hair patterns in those cases where very little facial hair is present due to hereditary or others factors.

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