Patient Case Study – 3500 Grafts

The patient above had two FUT strip harvest hair transplant sessions totaling 3511 grafts. He had 1437 follicular unit grafts and 2074 double follicular unit grafts. Results such as this can occur only with multiple sessions. The major reason for this is that grafts can only be placed within a certain proximity to the adjacent grafts so that each graft can have sufficient blood supply for nourishment.

Generally speaking, it takes 2500 to 3000 grafts to cover a completely bald frontal forelock (roughly the area in front of a line running from the back of one ear over the top of the head to the back of the other ear). These grafts consist of approximately 600-800 single hair grafts for the front hairline and the balance of 3-6 hair grafts for the “interior.” Whether it be 600 or 800 single hair, micrografts and 3 or 6 hair minigrafts would depend upon the person’s hair characteristics.

When using the “follicular unit” approach, grafts averaging approximately 2 hairs, the total number of grafts required would of course be significantly higher. “Interior” vs. “perimeter” is also a useful distinction. Perimeter consists of wherever a leading edge is exposed. This can be the front hairline of course but also the partline and the crown if the crown will be left thin or untransplanted.