After extensively researching hair restoration and surgeons, I decided to get an FUE procedure. I read a lot of great reviews on Dr. Timothy Carman, but couldn’t find much on his experience with FUE. So I emailed him. His reply was quick and candid. He was an FUT surgeon. We exchanged a few more email and I decided to meet him in person. After doing that, I knew 2 things: (1) I wanted Dr. Carman to do my hair restoration and, (2) for me, FUT was a better option than FUE. I want to emphasize that Dr. Carman never pushed or pressured me. He explained the differences between the 2 procedures, made sure I knew the pros and cons of each, showed me what he could and couldn’t do for me, and answered all my questions. I found his personality to be a little like my own. In any event, I underwent FUT on January 19, 2022. Got just under 2500 grafts. Dr. Carman and his surgical team and office manager (Pam), were phenomenal. Pam fielded all my questions before and after the procedure. She still does. His surgical assistants are highly experienced and skilled, and an integral part of the FUT procedure. They’re also very considerate and kind. I’m almost 2 weeks post-op and doing great. The post-op instructions are detailed and easy to follow. I’ll see Dr. Carman at 6 months post-op and, by 12-14 months post-op, I should see my final results. I know it’s early, but I wanted to document my initial impressions of, and experience with, Dr. Carman. I have nothing but high praise for him.