La Jolla Hair Restoration is proud to announce that Dr Timothy Carman has been elected to serve on The Board of Directors of The American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS) for a three year term beginning January 2016. Dr Carman  accepts the offer with great humility, and looks forward to the opportunity to support it’s ongoing efforts to observe and maintain State of The Art Professional Standards for Ethics and Procedural Skills in Hair Transplant Surgery. Dr Carman appreciates the trust and good faith that went into this decision and is grateful to all those who pledged their vote of confidence.

Historically, the first formal board meeting was held in Nashville on September 20, 1996. Officers were elected and committee chairpersons were appointed. These pioneers embarked on the development of a written and oral examination, each of which is statistically validated with regard to their ability to discriminate between those whose practice habits were consistent with safe, aesthetically sensitive hair restoration surgery.

Recently, the ABHRS was recognized internationally. In 2000, at the request of the president of the European Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, the ABHRS began to offer its international candidates the option of having their certificates alternatively read “International Board of Hair Restoration Surgery.” A certificate with this designation certifies successful completion of the same credentialing and examination process as the Diplomates of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery. Now with multiple examinations administered, the ABHRS exam stands as the only psychometrically and statistically validated examination dedicated to the specialty of hair restoration surgery.

Diplomates of The ABHRS are recognized for their superior ethical and surgical standards, and this allows patients to choose their surgeon with confidence. Natural-looking, long-term results are the mutual goals of patients and their ABHRS certified Surgeons.

Congratulations Dr Carman!!!!!!!