l wanted to write and thank you for the wonderful results of my hair restoration surgery and share with you a recent incident that happened to me.

Last week I had my hair cut for the first time since the operation and my haircutter noticed the small incision above my neck. He asked if I had surgery and was amazed when I told him that I had some hair restoration done to my hair line. He immediately checked both sides of my hairline, and said the transplants were completely undetectable. He went on to tell me that many of his clients had undergone transplant surgery and stated that mine was by far the finest job he had ever seen. He,of course, wanted to know who the surgeon was, so I gave him your name.

He said he wasn’t familiar with you and asked me how I had chosen you over the more well known people in your field. I told him I had done extensive research and had checked out just about every reputable hair surgeon in the San Diego/Los Angeles area. Although many people advertise, I found that very few were actually top notch. Of the few I had been especially impressed by the [xxxxxx] and [yyyyyyy]. My hair cutter said he was aware of both and had seen their work. Although both clinics seemed state of the art in terms of techniques, I was very turned off by the mill quality of their operations. Both had me meet with reps and quoted prices and the number of transplants I would need without me ever having seen the doctor. When I asked to see the doctor, they said I could meet with him 15 minutes before the surgery if I had any questions. Combine that with the fact that I would have to drive all the way to Orange County and L.A. to have the surgery, drive all the way back after the operation, forego the post surgical visits, and it’s easy to understand why I kept looking for someone else.

I told him how you personally had called me back when l first contacted your office and how you answered many of my questions in depth right there over the phone. What a change from the other places I had been talking to!

I was convinced within 15 minutes of my first office consultation that you understood exactly what I needed and would do first rate work getting it accomplished. I was especially impressed by the friendliness and professionalism of your assistants, CiCi and Mandy.