Well, I wanted to share some great news from my perspective!!! I have officially removed my hairpiece and I am going topless!!

The results are magnificent and getting better each day!! This could not have happened at a better time in my life!! I will be starting a new job in March and I will be able to go into this new job without the embarrassment of wearing that hairpiece. I’ve been slowly introducing my new look to my family and friends and many of them think I just got a short haircut. The ones who knew about the hairpiece have said nothing but great things. My niece and her friend confirmed this the other night when they saw me for the first time and said hey, you cut your hair… What a great feeling!!

With the help of some cover up products such as Toppic and Fullmore, I’ve been able to create a fully acceptable head of hair that quite frankly looks natural and just looks short. I look forward to the day when the product is not needed or reduced drastically. The new hair continues to grow and I hope to see more results from my last session and #4 will just make it that much better. I look forward to the final result!!

I wanted to share my progress with you and thank you all again for the work you have done and making each experience nothing less than FANTASTIC. As I’ve stated before, I was lucky to find you guys and am ecstatic about this new look and life!! Please realize the change that you have helped me experience. The hairpiece was bringing me down and costing me a fortune for little happiness. I really feel like a normal human being now and I don’t feel as if everyone is looking at me…. Please share my thought to everyone there and I will see you guys soon!!