To all of you at LJHRMC you guys kick ass!!!!!! My results were spectacular!!! Even though my hair is thin, I now have hair, and with a little hair spray I can pull off some great heavy metal hairstyles. I have had nothing but compliments on the work you did for me and to be honest your one session blows away a couple sessions performed by the Bosley Medical Group that a wealthier friend of mine had done over the last 2 years. I am not kidding, I can style my hair, and because it is so even I can create a great illusion of full volume, and you can’t tell I am thinning unless you get right into it. I am soooo glad I ran into your outfit, God must have been on my side for once, you were all very professional, yet down to earth good ole people and I really had a good experience with you. Keep up your good work, I’m filling up a glass of beer, and drinking it to you!!! Toast!!! Thanks!!!