This review is long overdue. I had noticed hair thinning out for years but it took forever for me to get the courage to go forward with consulting with hair restoration centers. Upon doing so I was skeptical as some doctors had no real experience and used techs that were regional in southern CA to do most of the procedure. I had a consultation with Dr. Carman and it changed everything. He is so honest, has an artistic aptitude, and really cares about results so much that he made me see a dermatologist for a biopsy first to make sure I didn’t have any special scalp condition because he noticed uneven thinning. Other places I had consulted with didn’t pay attention to that and merely wanted to schedule me literally the following week. My scalp biopsy checked out fine and I was still nervous about the procedure. Nonetheless it went so smooth last July 2016 and I wouldn’t hesitate to have more done in the future to keep up with thinning as I age. I recently came in for a 14 month follow up with Dr. Carman and he prescribed me a finasteride so I would increase the amount of time before needing another transplant. I’m pleased with the results and it went so smooth I can only hope Dr. Carman is still practicing for some of my future transplants.