Dr Carman and Staff;

I have been a practicing surgeon for the past 37 years so believe me I know how to pick a good surgeon. I chose Dr. Carman to perform my procedure for several reasons.

First, Dr. Carman is caring and genuinely interested in his patients and in doing the right thing and doing it well. He is, as we physicians know him, the Doctor’s Doctor. We trust him because we understand he cares; because he is genuine; and because we all know he will tell us the truth and explain what can (and should) be done, and what cannot (and should not) be done. Dr. Carman’s honesty propels his dedication to quality patient care.

Second, because of Dr. Carman’s training in surgery and specifically in plastic and reconstructive surgery, along with his years of experience and excellent documented outcomes, he has perfected his art of hair restoration surgery. Dr. Carman performs surgery with a degree of quality and dedication that I, as a fellow surgeon, can truly appreciate.

Third, as all truly excellent surgeons know, you need a first rate team to be the bestsurgery is a team effort mastering hundreds of details and steps. Dr. Carman, through Pam, Rebecca, Monica, Lisa, Judy and Diana has assembled a team equally dedicated to patient care thus assuring consistent results they each can truly be proud of.

Finally, Dr. Carman is simply a nice guy. He is real and you can talk to him. You can honesty express your interests and concerns to him. Dr. Carman has time for his patients because he is a caring individual. If you don’t feel comfortable with your doctor, and wouldn’t want to spend time with him would you want him operating on you?

In summary, I was extremely pleased and fortunate to have selected Dr. Carman as my surgeon for my hair restoration procedure. As a physician, and a patient, I continue to recommend him with the utmost confidence that he is a truly caring, dedicated, top tier professional who will deliver the highest quality surgical results possible for each and every one of his patients.