I have had three different hair restoration doctors over the last 30 years (I started thinning in my early 20s); the first doctor did a terrible “Barbie Doll” procedure, but I found a good second doctor who more or less repaired it with micro and mini grafts and did additional work. A couple years ago I decided to get some final work done, but unfortunately my second doctor had passed away. I did quite a lot of research and found Dr. Carman’s credentials to be top-notch (he actually wrote the board exams for the 25th World Congress of the International Society of Hair Restoration in Prague in 2017). I completed two procedures with him and the results are beyond expectations. A doctor can have all the modern hair restoration training in the world, but without artistic talent the results will not be there. Dr. Carman is also a talented painter and artist; combine that with his technical ability and the results are stunning. He’s also a terrific guy and fun to talk to, and his staff are terrific as well. Having had 3 different doctors and 30+ years of experience in this game, I can honestly say you won’t find anyone better anywhere.