Patient Case Study 1594 Follicular Units

This patient is a 36 year old male with loss of definition of the frontal hairline as well as frontal forelock density. Our plan was to recreate a delicate, healthy appearing hairline that will stand the test of time as he continues to lose subsequent hair due to MPHL. His FU grafts were harvested by strip so as to guarantee long lasting, natural results, We harvested and transplanted 1594 follicular units. The after photos are 17 months post-op.

Front view 1594 before and 17 months post op

Right view 1594 before and 17 months post op

Left side view 1594 before and 17 months post op

As this patient has elected not to take finasteride, it is important to recognize and respect the possibility of subsequent future losses which will require grafts from his donor supply, which, overall, is finite in nature. Creating a softer look both economizes the use of this finite supply, as well as sets the appropriate density to match the pattern which will be created in later procedures as he matures and loses hair. Great work is about restrained gestures and nuance, not immediate density and exaggerated design.

His donor scar, above , shows typical results of conservative surgical plastic closure technique.

Full face view