Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP)

Scalp Micropigmentation can be a powerful tool to address the cosmetic appearance of hair density and fullness.

It can be helpful in concealing scarring of the hair-bearing scalp from any number of causes; trauma, previous surgery, thermal or chemical injury.

SMP can also be used to amplify the effect of hair transplantation. For example, eyebrow reconstruction via hair transplantation  coupled with SMP can greatly enhance a fuller, healthier appearance to the thinning or absent eyebrows.

We utilize State of the Art SMP tools which feature exclusive use of semi-permanent biodegradable pigments which impart a natural-appearing coloration specifically created to match your individual color requirements.

An artist’s touch is the essence of natural-appearing work, and Dr Carman’s talent as an artist separates his creations in Hair Transplantation and SMP from work made from a technician’s point of view. Schedule a consult to discuss your concerns with Dr Carman.