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In great hands!

This review is long overdue. I had noticed hair thinning out for years but it took forever for me to get the courage to go forward with consulting with hair restoration centers. Upon doing so I was skeptical as some doctors had no real experience and used techs that were regional in southern CA to do most of the procedure. I had a consultation with Dr. Carman and it changed everything. He is so honest, has an artistic aptitude, and really cares about results so much that he made me see a dermatologist for a biopsy first to make sure I didn't have any special scalp condition because he noticed uneven thinning. Other places I had consulted with didn't pay attention to that and merely wanted to schedule me literally the following week. My scalp biopsy checked out fine and I was still nervous about the procedure. Nonetheless it went so smooth last July 2016 and I wouldn't hesitate to have more done in the future to keep up with thinning as I age. I recently came in for a 14 month follow up with Dr. Carman and he prescribed me a finasteride so I would increase the amount of time before needing another transplant. I'm pleased with the results and it went so smooth I can only hope Dr. Carman is still practicing for some of my future transplants.

by David Hawkins on La Jolla Hair Restoration
So Happy!

I am so happy with the work from Dr. Carman and his team. I am now six months since the procedure and the improvement is night and day. Thank you so much!

Very happy with the results

It's been 9 months since my procedure and I couldn't be happier with the results. It's been an unbelievably great feeling watching my hair get fuller with every passing month. My experience with Dr. Carman and his team before, during, and after the procedure is worthy of 5 stars. The thing that has impressed me the most, other than the results of course, are the spot on expectations that Dr. Carman set throughout the whole process. For those of you worried about the possible discomfort during and after the procedure (like I was). The discomfort was a lot less than I had imagined. The discomfort that I did experience was more than manageable. If you're thinking about having a hair transplant then I recommend meeting with Dr. Carman. I'm glad I did. Thank you Dr. Carman and team!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart

Hi Dr. Carman, I never got the chance to thank you from the bottom of my heart of such an amazing job you did on the scar on my head. What touches me is your generosity and your passion in healing people. I told you I was born with a scar on my head, but didn't have the opportunity until then to get work on it. Instead of hair transplant you did a scalp technique which was brilliant. Although, I didn't ask for it I appreciate the discount you offered. I will always be grateful to you for giving me back my confidence and your generous heart.

Very Happy

Very happy with my results. I was even given a 2% travel discount since I lived in Los Angeles. I was not told about this discount until my second consultation meeting so FYI. But the doctor did a fantastic job and I will be having at least one more surgery done in the future. Im an actor so my looks are my paycheck. 🙂

by T.G., MD, JD on La Jolla Hair Restoration
Highest Quality Surgical Service

Dr Carman and Staff;
I have been a practicing surgeon for the past 37 years so believe me I know how to pick a good surgeon. I chose Dr. Carman to perform my procedure for several reasons.

First, Dr. Carman is caring and genuinely interested in his patients and in doing the right thing and doing it well. He is, as we physicians know him, the Doctor’s Doctor. We trust him because we understand he cares; because he is genuine; and because we all know he will tell us the truth and explain what can (and should) be done, and what cannot (and should not) be done. Dr. Carman’s honesty propels his dedication to quality patient care.

Second, because of Dr. Carman’s training in surgery and specifically in plastic and reconstructive surgery, along with his years of experience and excellent documented outcomes, he has perfected his art of hair restoration surgery. Dr. Carman performs surgery with a degree of quality and dedication that I, as a fellow surgeon, can truly appreciate.

Third, as all truly excellent surgeons know, you need a first rate team to be the bestsurgery is a team effort mastering hundreds of details and steps. Dr. Carman, through Pam, Rebecca, Monica, Lisa, Judy and Diana has assembled a team equally dedicated to patient care thus assuring consistent results they each can truly be proud of.

Finally, Dr. Carman is simply a nice guy. He is real and you can talk to him. You can honesty express your interests and concerns to him. Dr. Carman has time for his patients because he is a caring individual. If you don’t feel comfortable with your doctor, and wouldn’t want to spend time with him would you want him operating on you?

In summary, I was extremely pleased and fortunate to have selected Dr. Carman as my surgeon for my hair restoration procedure. As a physician, and a patient, I continue to recommend him with the utmost confidence that he is a truly caring, dedicated, top tier professional who will deliver the highest quality surgical results possible for each and every one of his patients.

No one can tell I had anything done!

What a wonderful feeling it is. My hairline looks so natural that virtually no one could tell that restoration was performed. The hair is filling in at the anterolateral areas and it is fun to wake up each morning and see the progress. That thinned area at the crown is likewise filling in beautifully and I doubt that I will ever worry about getting my scalp sunburned again!

A truly life changing experience!

I would like to thank you once again. Visiting your office was truly a life-changing experience. I was feeling depressed and helpless because of my hair loss, and I didn’t think that anything could be done. Since then, I have been consistently taking the pills, and have been applying the minoxonil about 90% of the time (occasionally I forget). It has not been an inconvenience for me–it has become part of my daily routine. I think it is too early to tell if I am actually regrowing significant hair, but I have to say, I am confident in saying that my hair loss has slowed down considerably, and perhaps even has come close to stopping.The biggest change that I’ve experienced is in my confidence. This problem no longer bothers me. I feel like I am doing all that I can for it, and it is working. Before visiting your office, I was extremely embarrassed about my hair loss. If balding was ever brought up, I would become quiet and try to change subject out of fear that I would be made fun of. Now it doesn’t even phase me. The other day, my friends were joking around, saying who would be bald first. It was mentioned that I would be one of the first of my friends group to have major hair loss. Those comments didn’t effect me one bit. I laughed along with them, even agreed with them, but I felt no need to become defensive because I knew something that they didn’t–I was doing something about the problem, and there is a very good chance that I would prove them wrong.It was also great that you showed me alternatives to save money and make this an affordable option. Propecia and Rogaine would be fairly expensive for my budget. I am a graduate student, and have a tight budget. The cost of the Proscar and Minoxidil is insignificant compared to the job that it is doing.My sincerest thanks once again, and I look forward to my next visit so I can compare my hair situation then to the photos that were taken at my first visit.Take care, and have a great day.

My results are spectacular!!

To all of you at LJHRMC you guys kick ass!!!!!! My results were spectacular!!! Even though my hair is thin, I now have hair, and with a little hair spray I can pull off some great heavy metal hairstyles. I have had nothing but compliments on the work you did for me and to be honest your one session blows away a couple sessions performed by the Bosley Medical Group that a wealthier friend of mine had done over the last 2 years. I am not kidding, I can style my hair, and because it is so even I can create a great illusion of full volume, and you can’t tell I am thinning unless you get right into it. I am soooo glad I ran into your outfit, God must have been on my side for once, you were all very professional, yet down to earth good ole people and I really had a good experience with you. Keep up your good work, I’m filling up a glass of beer, and drinking it to you!!! Toast!!! Thanks!!!

Thank You From Norway!

From Norway: I trust you have seen my 6 months pictures, and that you, like me, are pleased with the result. Now it is close to 8 months since my visit, and the result has improved to be even slightly better than at 6 months (some more density in the front area). The bottom line is, I am extremely pleased with the result and I cannot thank you enough. Every morning I look in the mirror and think for myself: Yes, that long trip to the States and to La Jolla was certainly worth it. My wife thinks my hair look great and better than she has ever seen it, and when my little son pull my hair I have no worries anymore. I wish you and your family all the best for the upcoming Christmas and the New Year. The same wishes go out from me to the entire staff at your clinic.

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